Anchorage airport parking

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Anchorage airport parking – Diamond Airport Parking
Save 40% off of Airport Parking Rates – Safe, Secure, Open 24 hours. The shuttle bus will pick you up at your car, assist with your luggage and drop you at the airport terminal door.

Anchorage airport parking review
“I could not have dreamed of an easier more effortless arrival or departure. Attentive and friendly customer service. Being picked up and dropped off at your vehicle is an invaluable service. With a 3 yr old, an 8 week old and 5 pieces of luggage it is truly appreciated”

Anchorage airport parking arrival instructions
Please arrive at Diamond Parking 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal.

Anchorage airport parking transportation
Free shuttle bus transportation to and from the airport terminals “Car to Curb Service”

Disabled facilities available